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Southold, New York 11971

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June 22, 2019


Dear Members of St. Patrick’s,


Once again, we face a financial challenge as we begin summer.  This is not unusual for church communities, it reflects the complexities of each parish – its own history and composition as well as the present circumstances of the larger Church.  Here in St. Patrick’s, normally the smaller congregations and collections during the winter and spring seasons are balanced by the increase in the numbers of those attending and their generosity during the summer months.  However, this year the amount of the collections during winter and spring was consistently below what is needed to meet the weekly needs of the parish. We were forced to withdraw from the two-month contingency fund that every parish is required to set aside. In addition, the expected increase in the summer attendance and resulting collections has not occurred, at least at the beginning of the season.

To meet this challenge, we would like to resurrect an idea from our past parish efforts.  Some of you might remember Fr. George Michell’s attempt to elicit increased parish support through his idea, Christmas in July.  We would like to borrow this plan by running a special Christmas in July fundraising campaign in order to meet some of our ongoing parish needs.

However you are able to support this effort will greatly be appreciated as we continue to try to serve one another and our larger community as disciples of Jesus.


Sincerely yours,


Fr. John Barrett