Hello EM's,

We will begin using these new procedures this Saturday,
December 1, at the 4 pm Mass.


Renewal of Guidelines for Eucharistic Ministers

St. Patrick’s Church



Outline of Guidelines   (Effective Weekend of December 1/2, 2018)


1. Gathering for Prayers around the Baptismal Font in the Church Vestibule before the Celebration of the Sunday Eucharists.


2. After the Sign of Peace, the Ministers will assemble around the Altar in the usual way.  However, they should gather one step closer so that those Ministers and Acolytes who are not receiving from the Cup can stand a step back.  This will signal their intention without necessitating any conversation.


3. The procedure for the Eucharistic Ministers receiving Communion is changed. 

The Presider will give the Eucharist under both forms to the Minister on his immediate right.  After receiving from the Cup, she/he will keep it and then assist the Presider in giving Communion to the Cantor, the other Eucharistic Ministers and the Acolytes.  After all have received, the Presider presents the vessel to the Minister(s) distributing the Communion Breads and the assisting Minister presents the Cups to the Ministers who will minister the Cup.


4. After members of the Assembly have received Communion, the Ministers of the Cup will return to the Credence Table as usual to either consume the remaining Eucharistic Wine or to place a purificator on the Cup for consumption and cleansing after the Eucharist is concluded.


5. The procedure for bringing the remaining Eucharistic Bread to the Tabernacle is changed.

After members of the Assembly have received Communion, the Ministers of the Eucharistic Bread will bring the vessels containing the Eucharistic Bread to the Tabernacle found on the back wall of the east sacristy. The Eucharist will be placed in the Tabernacle in the Church after each liturgy for Communion to the Sick and Individual Prayer.  This procedure will assist those Ministers who have difficulty in climbing the steps to this Tabernacle.


6. The procedure for Ministers obtaining the Eucharistic Bread during the Sunday Celebrations of the Eucharist for bringing Communion to the Sick and Home Bound is changed.

Before the celebration of the Eucharist the Minister will place a pyx on a plate which is placed on the Presentation Table in the main aisle of the Church which contains the gifts of Bread and Wine.  If more than one host is needed, the Minister should place a small slip of paper containing the number needed. (Please do not place this pyx in the vessel containing the Communion Breads.  Pyxes containing low gluten hosts will be placed there.)


7.  During the singing of the Lamb of God, the Presider breaks the Eucharistic Bread.  He then places the hosts in the pyxes before giving Communion to the other Ministers and the members of the Assembly. (By long standing tradition, the first bread is set aside for bringing Communion to the Sick and Home Bound.)


8. After Communion, the Closing Prayer is prayed by the Presider.  He then goes to the Altar to retrieve the plate with the pyxes on it and proceeds to the head of the main aisle.  He then invites those Ministers bringing Communion to the Sick and the Home Bound to come forward and take their pyxes. The Presider then prays a Blessing and Dismisses the Ministers.  The Ministers can then leave the Assembly or, if necessary, return to their places and remain until the end of the Liturgy.